Why large brands choose to work with us

Design centre [photo]


Our skilled team of designers work with you to seamlessly convert your brand artwork to your carton packaging, enabling quality, high-speed printing.

All aspects of your bespoke packaging are considered, from airflow (for agricultural packaging) to stacking strength, ensuring your products retain their quality and integrity from dispatch to transport.

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At Mpact we are differentiated by our people who encompass our values: trustworthy; resolute and responsible. This means you can rely on them to get the job done properly, they are ethical and unwavering in their convictions to be responsible to their clients, the environment and to their colleagues.

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We operate across Southern Africa with 10 production sites and 9 sales offices, so we can respond efficiently to contingencies, fluctuations in offtake and support promotions.

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We have a strong footprint in the Commercial (including FMCG and multinationals), Sheet and Agricultural sectors, with extensive experience and an understanding of the factors influencing those markets.

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We use state of the art equipment and progressive technology like high-speed manufacturing machinery.

This means we can deliver on cost-effectiveness and add value through delivering high-quality products that are also sustainable.

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We pioneer creative products and packaging solutions for large brands. Freshpact is our latest business development that complements our paper packaging range for single-use plastic alternatives. It really is a smart, sustainable solution.

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We uphold the most highly recognised global standards for food safety and quality consistency and we adhere to strict standards audited by independent organisations. This has resulted in internationally recognised accreditation which means our carton packaging can deliver anywhere in the world.

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We mainly use paper sourced from reputable suppliers who are regularly audited based on Forest Stewardship Council standards promoting responsible forestry management ensuring integrity, credibility and transparency of forest and paper products.

A bird's eye view of our business

10 production
10 production facilities [icon]
9 sales
9 sales offices [icon]
Trusted since
Trusted since 1920 [icon]
circular economy
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the way
a circular economy

Customers are increasingly prioritising environmentally friendly packaging in their purchasing decisions. By choosing a commonly recycled product, it doesn’t go to a landfill and end up as waste. These products are instead remade into new products and “live again” in a circular economy model which is restorative by intention and design.

This model of production and consumption involves the sharing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling of existing materials and products, to extend their life cycle for as long as possible. It also helps customers achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact.


How does Mpact Corrugated fit in?

Mpact is leading the way in the circular economy within the manufacturing industry in South Africa. Through our connection to Mpact Recycling and Mpact Paper, along with our membership with FibreCircle (a Producer Responsibility Organisation), we are committed to creating viable solutions for collection and designing for recyclability.

Visit our corporate website for more information on our larger company and the internal circular economy at www.mpact.co.za


This is
how the

First the cardboard is used, then after use it’s separated into the recyclables bin. Once collected, the cardboard makes its way to any of Mpact’s 15 recycling branches where it is baled. The branch then delivers the baled cardboard to the various Mpact paper mills located in Springs, Felixton and eMkhondo, where it is then made into new paper.

This paper is sent to ten Mpact Corrugated sites and made into new corrugated boxes. The packaged boxes are then sold to manufacturers who package the goods for wholesalers or retailers. The boxes are then unpacked by the retailers and get collected for recycling. And so the cycle continues.

Recycling benefits the environment, communities, the economy and the world.

Let us help you recycle your used cardboard boxes.

Our links with Mpact Recycling means that we can connect you with the right people to ensure that no recyclables go to waste and we keep the circular economy in motion.

Mpact circular economy [infographic]

Our history

  • 1877


    Kohler Corrugated dates back to 1877, when Bavarian immigrant, Jacob Kohler opened a cabinet making shop in Port Elizabeth.

  • 1920


    In the 1920's Kohler entered the packaging market by making wooden boxes for banana packaging.

  • 1943


    By 1943 the then named Kohler Corrugated Company produced the first corrugated packaging in the country.

  • 1998


    With Kohler selling the Corrugated division to Mondi, Mondipak was established in 1998. The company now consisted of manufacturing plants in Epping, Port Elizabeth, East London, Pinetown, Brakpan, Nelspruit, Walvis Bay and Kuils River.

  • 2011


    Delisted from Mondipak in 2011, Mpact was formed and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

  • 2022


    Today, we develop and produce customised, high-quality printed corrugated packaging solutions that help companies reach their sustainability goals. We are committed to creating ‘smart, sustainable solutions’, and research, innovation and quality is at the heart of our business.

Our Awards

GAP Gold Award 2022 [award]
GAPP Awards 2022 SILVER In-transit Category Transit Devils Peak [award]
GAPP Awards 2022 SILVER Durbanville Hills Cape Portrait Red Blend [award]
GAPP Awards 2022 Bronze CBC Amber Weiss [award]
Fibre Circle 2021 GOLD Woolworths Fresh Herb Fluted Pots [award]
Gold Pack 2021 SILVER Category: Household Products Woolworths Fresh Herb Fluted Pots [award]
Kaap Agri 2021 SILVER Corrugated Supplier of the Year [award]
Gold Pack 2020 SILVER Best in Paper Lactalis Growing Together Donation Bin [award]
Gold Pack 2020 SILVER In-transit Category At Source Costco Dried Fruit [award]
FairCape 2020 Supplier of the Year [award]
Gold Pack 2020 BRONZE In-transit Category Chill Bev Fitch & Leeds [award]
Gold Pack 2019 GOLD Royco Soup 10 Pack [award]
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